Meet Davidd 

Hi! Yes, my name is spelled with two D's. Maybe that was my mom's way of jumpstarting my creative identity. I became interested in art as a kid studying the work of Marvel Comic artists Jack Kirby and Todd McFarlane. The vibrant action packed images and stories captured my attention instantly. I'd sit at home for hours with my number two pencil trying my hardest to recapture the muscle tone, facial features, and far out poses in their illustrations.

Soon, I began drawing at school and even doing small commissions for classmates. Nothing major, but accumulating twenty five to fifty cents a few times throughout a school day for me, in 1992, was living it up. This meant more junk food, arcade games, and most importantly, I could buy my own comic books and comic cards. Looking back in retrospect, this was my first revelation of a call to purpose in my life.

Friends from my neighborhood also acknowledged my talent in drawing, but often ridiculed me for not spending enough time with them. "Dave is always in the house drawing!" I would hear that statement often. Eventually, I gave in and traded in drawing for going outside more to hang with them and I even joined my high school football team. I absolutely sucked as an athlete, but nonetheless, I kept with it solely for social acceptance. 

I spent my teenage years and my 20's treating drawing as if it was not important and was something I only did when I was totally bored. However, the few times I did doodle or attempt to actually draw something, people around me really liked it. I now believe hearing positive feedback from random people is what helped revive the passion from my childhood that I posses today.